Mexican peso and stock market fall due to nervousness after suspension of gas supply from Texas

MEXICO CITY, Feb 18 (.) – The Mexican currency depreciated for the fourth day in a row on Thursday on concerns about the economic impact of gas shortages in the north of the country, which also weighed on the stock market.

The unusual low temperatures in the southern United States, mainly in Texas, caused gas supply cuts to Mexico, affecting millions of people and the huge export manufacturing industry on both sides of the border.

* The peso was trading at 20.3020 to the dollar near the end of the business, with a loss of 0.47% compared to 20.2070 units of the . reference price on Wednesday. Earlier it came to yield 1.32%.

* “We assume that the climate issue will have a temporary negative impact on the Mexican currency, depending on the duration of the freezing storm, which may be for the rest of the week,” said Jorge Gordillo, director of analysis at CI Banco.

* The interruption in the delivery of gas from the United States affected the production of at least five automotive assembly companies in northern Mexico, causing an impact on a key sector for generating foreign exchange in the Latin American country.

* The benchmark S & P / BMV IPC index, made up of the shares of the 35 most liquid companies in the market, fell 1.23% to 44,507.95 points.

* The session highlighted a decline in the titles of the retail giant Wal-Mart de México, despite a quarterly report qualified by analysts as positive in which it registered an increase in its profits of 12%.

* In the debt market, the 10-year bond yield advanced 13 basis points to 5.60%, the same as the 20-year rate that ended the day at 6.27%. (Report by Abraham González)