Mexican Olympic Committee launches survey to choose the uniform of the delegation in Tokyo 2021

With the Tokyo Olympic Games getting closer and closer, a tournament for which the Mexican Under-23 Team has already obtained its ticket, the Mexican Olympic Committee launched a call to the fans to choose which will be the uniform of the Mexican delegation.

Through his social networks, the COM shared the link where fans can vote for their favorite uniform, in a poll where three different designs appear, all representing Mexican culture.

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Voting will close at the end of this month of April and will be decided between the designs “DORADO PIEDRA DEL SOL”, “ARTESANAL OAXAQUEÑO” and “EL CHARRO DE GALA”

“An imposing face of Tonatiuh, emblem of the pre-Hispanic past and center of the stone of the sun, shines in this uniform. The outside language means “the verb”; one creates reality through words. Highlighting this detail with a gold print on the mystical black color expresses life and authority “

“Large, colorful flowers add vitality to this gala ensemble. The embroideries were made by hand by women from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, inspired by the wonderful nature of the southeastern region of the country. “

An example of traditional Mexican clothing, the charro suit always conveys a very elegant characteristic demeanor. It has elements such as the classic fretwork embroidery and an iconic butterfly-style bow with fine contrasting details.

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