Mexican National Team: Yon de Luisa gives “the solution” to eradicate the forbidden cry

The president of the Mexican Soccer FederationYon de Luisa spoke about the controversial forbidden cry that has gotten the Mexican National Team into so much trouble, assuring that the solution and the change have to come from the fans themselves.

“The solution has to come from the very origin of the problem. When the people decided to shout this chant when the rival goalkeeper cleared the crowd, it was not something imposed by the Federation. It seems to me that the solution has to come from the same place. I am a faithful believer that the songs in the stadium are wonderful and more than those made by the Mexican fans. When we hear a Cielito Lindo, how they sing to Chucky, how they sing to Memo. I believe that the solution is for the fans to find a cry that does identify us, that is not homophobic, that is not something that generates violence and that is something inclusive “

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Similarly, the president of the FMF, supported the idea of ​​the Napoli forward, Hirving Lozano, to shout “EHHH México” to support El Tri.

“Trying to visualize ourselves in a Gold Cup final, in a famous fifth game in a World Cup, the one that every time the word Mexico is cleared is heard, for me I think that is an extraordinary solution”

Finally, Engineer Yon de Luisa stressed that unfortunately in the event of a repeat offense with the homophobic cry, FIFA could leave Mexico out of the World Cup.

“Unfortunately, the time for fines is over. Remember that we have already been fined 14 times and now the penalty has gone from a fine to having the stadiums behind closed doors. The next step is that we lose the games at the table and after that they take us out of the tournaments. This no longer has anything to do with the economic part. I think it’s a representative thing. As Mexicans, we cannot leave an event out of an event, call it a Gold Cup and much less a World Cup for our National Team ”.

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