Mexican National Team: Mexico beats Nigeria by a landslide (Summary, Video, Goals)

The Mexican National Team has closed its preparation stage with a 4-0 win over the Nigerian National Team, ahead of its debut in the 2021 edition of the Gold Cup on Saturday, July 10, against a rival yet to be defined.

Not in dreams could he imagine a better debut. At the second touch of the ball he had already buried all the controversy due to his naturalized status, in the 4-0 of the Tricolor over Nigeria. Funes mori He pushed the ball, with his left foot, in the purest style of a 9, well placed and even opportunistic, after a bruised shot from Hirving lozano.

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In four minutes he tied the goals of Henry Martin Y Alan Pulido this year with the Tricolor. Incidentally, it unleashed a trend in social networks, in which the topic of conversation was “Chicharito”.

Mexico had a violent start. In less than four minutes he had already scored two goals, the first of them at 2 ‘, in a shot of Hector Herrera, who appeared only to the second post after a corner kick.

Nigeria announced a B team, but with more of a D. The Tricolor returned to the bases, at 4-3-3, with Hirving Lozano and Jesus Manuel Corona as sprinters on the sides, but with the possibility of playing as interiors when full-backs Rodríguez, Osvaldo and Luis, supported on the outside.

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The “Mellizo” weighed in on the third goal, putting a pass with the precise speed for Lozano, who could not overcome the rival goalkeeper, but the ball remained so that Herrera consummated the double.

The brain of the Tricolor machinery was Erick gutierrez, in his best game as a Mexican national team. It was he who put the long stroke to Jesús Manuel Corona that ended in the goal of the “Mellizo”. He highlighted his almost brother Hirving Lozano in some filtered pass. He put an exquisite service to Jonathan dos Santos, in the fourth both.

The Los Angeles Coliseum had its best attendance since the pandemic began, with 53,258 attendees, witnesses of the stellar presentation of Funes Mori, ahead of the debut in the Gold Cup on Saturday.

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