In the Mexican Soccer Federation (Femexfut) they see the panorama very complicated for the National Team to play in the rest of the year.

The Tricolor have already canceled their friendly matches in March and the Final Four of the Concacaf Nations League, waiting to know the determination by FIFA for the next dates of international commitments.

“At the Mexican national team level, we depend on two things: the Liga MX and FIFA calendar,” said Yon De Luisa, president of Femexfut. “In this sense, let us remember that there is still the possibility of the 3 windows – from September, October and November.

We see it complicated, understanding it in the world. The one for March and the one for June have already been canceled, it would not be unusual for the one for September to be canceled in a few days or weeks, there we will have to wait. “

De Luisa added that “the priority of the players is with their clubs. They have to be well personally and they have to be well with the clubs. As a secondary act, it would already be the incorporation to the National Team, of course, the work sports has been affected and, without a doubt, the entire economic part of the National Team with this temporary suspension of all our activities and I imagine I must be even considering changes. “

The manager emphasized the importance of Gerardo Martino microcycles, Tricolor coach, in the coming months, as soon as the activity resumes.

“It would be very difficult for our National Team to work with players who are active in European leagues or in leagues other than the Mexican one. In the event that the Liga MX is open, it has already been discussed with the clubs to support Mr. Tata Martíno and to be able to generate some work. If it were possible, to think about some competition, obviously respecting all the protocols established by the Government and those of Liga MX “.

De Luisa emphasized that an economic strategy was implemented at Femexfut to avoid a crisis caused by Covid-19.

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