Mexican National Team Javier Chicharito Hernández “opened” with Miguel Layún after his veto from El Tri

The footballer of the Eagles of America, Miguel Layún He spoke about the situation that the forward of the LA Galaxy, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, who has not been summoned by Gerardo Tata Martino despite the good time he is living in the MLS and the lack of a lethal striker at El Tri.

“What I have talked about with Javier, he has not told me that it is banned because I think he would have already shared it with me and we have talked a lot and he has even expressed the desire he has, how hard he is working to do things well in his club and for returning to the national team. “

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“If they told me, for example, ‘you are banned from the national team’, and then they come out and say something else, well I would say ‘hey better get out and say I’m banned, nothing happens’. They inform me of the veto and if the ‘Tata’ does not come out and says that it is banned and if he says that it has to do with his performance and that he does not want to take it because he has five, six, seven games at a good level, but wants to wait until I really did resume a good tournament or something … We are not sure that it is not reality, so it is difficult for me to speculate. If we do not have reality we return to the subject, it is speculation and it is very difficult to get into it, we are not going to get to nothing, they will just be different points of view where we can debate, but we will not know the truth of the situation. “

Miguel Layún spoke of the possible arrival of Rogelio Funes Mori, stating that he does not see any problem for the arrival of the Rayados de Monterrey striker.

“I learned throughout my career that, like everything in life, there are tastes. For a coach he can be the best player because what you can offer him he loves, and for another coach you can be the most useless player in the world because He is looking for the totally opposite of what you give him. “

“If you take it personally, it is not against me, I do not think it is against Javier, I do not think it is a subject to delve too much. I think that it is rather time to respect and if you consider that a player like Funes Mori he is going to contribute and he is going to come to surrender and he is going to leave everything … well we have had great naturalized, so it all depends on the attitude in which they arrive. There are players who arrive and take root; yes it is the case like Funes Mori well go ahead, let him come and leave us everything he can contribute. “

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