Mexican National Team: Jaime Lozano would already have 3 more casualties defined for the Olympic Games

Jaime Lozano, coach of the Under 23 Mexican National Team that will play the Tokyo Olympic Games, would have already defined the casualties, in addition to that of José Juan Macías, for the Olympic tournament and it would be Jesus Angulo, Fernando Beltran Y Sebastian Jurado.

According to information from Gibrán Araige of TUDN, Lozano would not have the Chivas ‘Canelo’ Angulo and Fernando ‘Nene’ Beltrán footballers as well as José Juan Macías, and Cruz Azul goalkeeper Sebastián Jurado, for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games .

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One of the palpable surprises in these casualties would be that of ‘Canelo’ Angulo, since he has been one of the players that he has used the most in the friendly matches in Mexico prior to the start of the Olympic Games, where he has played four of the five games played, being in all headline.

On the part of the Jury, only two goalkeepers can be chosen for the competition and taking into account that one will be Guillermo Ochoa as chosen, the other will apparently be Luis Malagón from Rayos del Necaxa.

The ‘Nene’ Beltrán is not outlined within the choices and preferences of ‘Jimmy’ Lozano for the Olympic Games, so he will be the one sacrificed by the midfielders who count in the squad.

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