Mexican National Team: Henry Martín seeks to “emulate” Oribe Peralta in the Olympic Games

Henry Martín, forward for the Águilas del América, will be one of the reinforcements of the Mexican National Team for the Olympic Games, so he will try to follow in the footsteps of Oribe Peralta and get the gold medal.

In an interview for TV Azteca Deportes, Henry Martín described Oribe as a role model, since his career is reflected in that of the now Chivas forward, who “took off” somewhat late compared to other players.

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“He is a great person, an idol for me, an example to follow because he starts his career late just like me; and in a short time, a few years, he manages to make a successful career and is a crack Oribe “

Oribe Peralta was one of the reinforcements over 23 years of age at the London Olympics, so “la Bomba” Martín will seek to emulate what “El Hermoso” did and win gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

“Of course I think and reflect on what he has done and I would like, to be able to attend the Olympic Games, be a very big catapult for me”

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