Liga MX officials reported that after the coronavirus pandemic, the Mexican Championship was canceled. Through a communiqué shared on social networks, this was made official.

The Mexican Championship will not end (Photo: Disclosure / Mexican Football Federation)

Photo: Lance!

No club will be champion and, in relation to the CONCACAF Champions League in 2021, Cruz Azul and León will be classified for the tournament as they are the first and second place in the General Ranking Table of the 2020 Clausura Tournament.

Check out the official note:

This Friday, May 22, 2020, the Extraordinary Assembly of LIGA MX was held, making vital decisions that allow us to guarantee the health of all the people who make up the LIGA MX family and the integrity of the football industry.

In the last weeks, permanent work meetings and conversations were held with the Health Sector of the Federal Government, which would allow us to resume the 2020 Clausura Tournament with full responsibility, without putting any member of the Mexican soccer family at risk (players, Technical bodies , managers, referees, fans and the media).

However, the contingency time in which we live has caused increasing programming restrictions, which does not allow us to maintain competition without putting the members of this large family at risk.

Therefore, in absolute unity, the Extraordinary Assembly of LIGA MX agreed to complete the 2020 Closing Tournament of LIGA MX in its male and female branches in advance.

In the aspects related to competition, derived from this extraordinary situation, we report the following measures:

1-. No club will be declared champion of the Clausura 2020 tournament.

2-. For the sole occasion of calculating the ratio, seeking to complete the absent matches of the Clausura 2020 Tournament, the results obtained by the Clubs in matches with the same conditions, location and rival to be played in the Apertura 2020 or Clausura tournaments will be considered. 2021, as appropriate.

3-. In relation to the CONCACAF 2021 Champions League, the eligible Clubs will be Cruz Azul and León for being in first and second place in the General Ranking Table of the 2020 Clausura Tournament at the time of suspension.

Opening Tournament 2020

A Single Health Protocol, supervised by the health authorities, will be delivered to the Clubs, which must be complied with so that the teams can return to train at their sports facilities. It will be in the first week of June, when the exact date for returning to practice is set.

On the other hand, LIGA MX will set the starting date of the Opening Tournament 2020 based on the recommendations of the Federal Health Sector.

In a joint decision by LIGA MX and the Health Department, the matches will be played behind closed doors until conditions are in place for our fans to return to the stands.

It is indisputable that we are facing an unprecedented situation in our country, which forces the soccer industry in Mexico to act with absolute common sense and to respond with unity to the demands that have been presented to us.

Obviously, we seek to preserve the integrity of LIGA MX and all its members, this is our responsibility and that is why the determinations presented were made.

We reiterate that it is time to be more united than ever and that preserving the health of all members of this family and the industry must be our priority above all.


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