Mexican labor market during 2020

Within the PEA, the employed population, which includes all the people who worked or maintain their current employment relationship in the month, decreased by 95,000 workers.

But how was the impact of the pandemic on the Mexican labor market in 2020? In total, the employed population of the country lost 3.25 million people from the end of December 2019 to December 2020. Of that total number of workers who left the employed population during the year, 45.6% were men and 54.4% women – en In other words, women contributed most of the job losses observed in the year, despite the fact that they contributed only 40% of the employed persons before the crisis.

In particular, of the job losses in the year, 1.3 million corresponded to formal jobs and 1.95 million to informal workers – the most vulnerable sector of Mexican jobs was also the one that lost the most in the year. Of course, informal jobs were the most affected by the health crisis, since 60% of the total job losses were informal while 40% were formal.

This means that more than half of the Mexican and Mexican workers who lost their source of income during 2020 were not entitled to benefits and / or liquidation to face this economic crisis.

Specifically, it was women workers in the informal sector who were most affected, since, in the year, the fall in the number of informal workers was (-) 12.1%, while informal workers (men) decreased in (-) 2.1%.

In the same sense, the crisis affected the participation in the labor market of people over 15 years of age, both men and women. For women, the labor participation rate went from 45.2% in December 2019 to 41.4% in the same month of 2020, while the rate for men decreased to a lesser extent, going from 76.8% to 73.2%.