Jose “Shorty” Torres

As the coronavirus continues to stop life worldwide and the number of confirmed cases and deaths continue to increase with each day, the promotion of mixed martial arts (MMA) based in Bahrain It became the first organization in sport to launch such a campaign aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus as well as raising awareness. The campaign is under the KHK Heroes Foundation.

This international awareness campaign on social networks also has the support of fighters from BRAVE. On the one hand, BRAVE has released a schedule that shows content like full fights on its pages YouTube and Facebook. He has also published trainings for people quarantined by the fighters themselves and videos on safe greetings.

Among the fighters who show support for the campaign is the main flyweight based in Chicago José “Shorty” Torres. The two-time amateur world champion was ready to compete on upcoming billboards in BRAVE CF but the events were postponed due to the global pandemic.

While the fighter of the American Top Team (9-1 professional MMA record) was naturally disappointed, health and safety came first on his priority list.

BRAVE 35, BRAVE 36 and BRAVE 37 they are postponed and will be announced due to the global pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, “Torres said.

BRAVE Combat Federation it is a worldwide promotion. We travel everywhere. And not just specific countries, but the world is going crazy. Guys, we should definitely stay calm and this is why BRAVE is asking us to use the hashtag #UnitedWeFight because we are all long-term fighters, “said Torres.

“Please monitor people, especially older people, people who could easily be affected. BRAVE He did his best to try to make these fights happen, but then he analyzed travel bans, fighters who couldn’t compete, health risks, and even fans not being able to show up. They do this for the fans. It is a very smart thing that cooperated with the government, local communities, everyone who helps with this virus COVID-19

Like everyone else, Torres hopes that things will finally go away and that the world can return to normal. That includes resuming the fight schedule of BRAVE CF once again.

Until that happens, BRAVE CF It will continue to publicize and promote safe practices to combat the deadly coronavirus pandemic.