Mexican basketball leagues sign historic alliance

April del Rio

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, p. a12

Faced with a 2021 that looms more complicated than 2020 due to the pandemic, the Mexican Professional Basketball Leagues, the Pacific League and the Chihuahua State League announced a historic alliance to operate together and under the guidelines of the International Federation, Conade and the Mexican Olympic Committee, since the fundamental objectives are the development of the burst sport, social programs and supplying the national teams.

Sergio Ganem, president of the LMBP, took for granted that at least all this year basketball will be played in Mexico in bubbles without an audience and the start of the national tournament, for now without a date, will also depend largely on the next elections, since many teams play in state facilities and will require new agreements with governments.

The situation in Mexico and the world makes us generate a sense of unity, strengthening, alliance, brotherhood and fraternity, said Ganem.

Today we have taken a historic and decisive step, the search for consensus that we have seen fit to carry out between the three leagues, the shared growth and consolidation of professional basketball in our country, leaving behind all doubts from the skeptics, who for years have thought that we were never going to get to this moment, said the leader of the alliance that was also signed by Tomás Hernández, for the State League – the first that will start on February 25 -, and Rogelio Sánchez, for the Costa Basketball Circuit del Pacífico, which estimates its start in May.

The leaders agreed that the joint work will be under the regulatory platform of the international federation FIBA ​​and the Mexican sports authorities, including the Mexican Basketball Sports Association, currently undergoing restructuring.

Ganem presented 10 main steps to follow, among which are the generation of employment for players, coaches, coaching staff and referees throughout the year; align the game calendars of the three leagues so that they do not compete with each other; look for the television broadcast of the matches in an approved way, as well as the online statistics and how to apply the Covid protocol in a standardized way and achieve coverage of medical services for all league personnel.