Without him baseball of minor leagues touring the smallest cities in the United States, nearly eight thousand players will lose an entire year of their careers as a result of the cancellation of the season, however a handful of players, among which is the Mexican Ramón Urías, will be waiting for a call.

As the shortened campaign of Big leagues —60 games— is consuming the summer, the opportunities for the “substitutes” will increase due to the injuries that occur daily, and it is where Urías is preparing to take his first turn at bat in MLB.

“It is an atypical season. For now I have to wait for the team to need me, but it is very different before it happened, “said Urías.

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For years, minor league players struggled to get their performances and stats to earn them a trip to the big team. With no games to show that they are ready to play on television at the national level, the opportunities in 2020 are reduced to the injury or contagion by Covid of a partner.

“The calls will depend more on the needs of the team to supply an injury. We have to accept that because it is how it will be played this year. “

Urías’s experience with the coronavirus is close, since last week his brother Luis, who plays for the Brewers, is part of the players who tested positive by reporting with his team.

“He is fine, he is calm, he has not had any symptoms, and for now he is following the quarantine instructions,” shared Ramón, who is a year older.

In 2018, Ramón’s rights were acquired by the San Luis Cardinals who followed up on the five seasons in the Mexican League with the Red Devils of Mexico.

For this campaign he was taken over by Baltimore. Urías Figueroa, 26 years old, can perform in various positions, both as an infielder and in the outfield. With the flannel of the Orioles he will seek to reach the Major Leagues, as his brother already did with the San Diego Padres.

“Playing in MLB is the dream of all of us, and I feel like it’s close to me,” he concluded.