Mets are another team after the firing of former hitting coaches

The offensive of the Mets is growing since the coachs Past are not with them this season of the MLB.

Since the New York Mets they fired their two coachs Of batting the offense of said team has grown more enough they have even won six games in line and their highest paid player Francisco Lindor improved his offense in the month in the month of May.

The main objective for which the New York Mets They decided to replace their hitting coach was because players with a good bat like Francisco Lindor and Dominique Smith were on the ground with Madero since this left the team, their team’s offense and these two players have grown a lot, they even stopped being it the team with the shortest run and the poorest offense in the whole MLB.

When the president of the New York Mets Sandy Anderson without his plans was to replace the Dominican coach Luis Rojas, who said that it was not in his plans and that he had not even thought about it.

While since the team had a pretty good offensive streak as well as victories in themselves Andy Anderson recognized that the Mets they were doing better without the hitting coaches and with Luis Rojas at the helm, who has a strong character and is ready to lead a team like New York.

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