Metrobús awaits electric fleet

MEXICO CITY. The Metrobús System is waiting for the new fleet of electric buses that will provide service on Line 3.

Roberto Capuano, director of the agency, reported that the buses have already been shipped in China, their arrival in the country is expected soon and then their transfer to Mexico City.

I already have a report and confirmation that the buses are shipped from China to Mexico. We expect to be operating sometime in July, probably towards the end of July, ”he said.

It is a fleet of nine articulated electric buses that will serve Line 3 that runs from Tenayuca to Zapata.

They have capacity for 160 passengers, USB connections, a new door opening system and operation with battery recharge. They are capable of traveling 330 kilometers on a battery charge, which are recharged in a period of about 3.5 hours.

In September 2020, the Government of Mexico City presented the prototype bus of this new generation for the Metrobús. Capuano reported that, after about nine months in service, it has shown good performance and user acceptance.

Users have received it very well and secondly, the energy consumption it has had is lower than what we estimate, which is good news, because it will give us more than what we expected it to do ”, he said.

In parallel, the Metrobús is working on the installation of a recharging station that will be located in the Jupiter enclosure yard.

I have reports that the charging infrastructure is already well advanced, “he said.

The infrastructure is being installed with an investment of 20 million pesos, resources that are part of the lease for the purchase of buses.

Capuano considered that in the medium term the Metrobús System should migrate to an electrical system and leave behind the use of diesel as fuel.

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