Metro line A, partially suspended due to rain damage


Derived from the heavy rain and the accumulation of water, from 2:00 p.m., Line A of the Metro Collective Transport System maintains a provisional service from the Pantitlán station to Guelatao.

Through loudspeakers and Public Security personnel, users are evicted from the wagons without any explanation, so they have to look for an alternative means of reaching their destination in the General Ignacio Zaragoza street, mainly towards the area of ​​Santa Martha and The Kings.

Photo: rodolfo dirantes

Personnel from the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City maintains an operation to prevent carriers from carrying out double and triple-row ascent maneuvers.

Likewise, elements of the Traffic Control Undersecretariat transport women with pick-up patrols to the Acatitla metro station.

When we got to Guelatao they told us to evacuate the subway, they have not put RTP buses and only the patrols support, but it is super slow (…) it affects me economically a lot, because they are charging up to 20 pesos to where I go ” Itzia, an affected Metro user, mentioned.

So far, the STC Metro authorities have only indicated on their social networks that it is from Peñón Viejo to La Paz, the affected stations, however, have not disclosed the estimated time in which the service could be restored.

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