Meteorology, explained like never before in the new book by José Miguel Viñas

Production: Adriana Toca / Interview: Laura Marcos

The latest book by José Miguel Viñas –physicist, disseminator and meteorologist at Meteored– is the work chosen for this Very Interesting Reading Club. Time. Everything you would like to know about meteorological phenomena from Shackleton Books is an introductory work for all those who want to get started in the world of meteorology. Using as a common thread a series of anecdotes from the history of this science, the book is linking different phenomena explained in a rigorous and informative way. Viñas has published eight books to date on the most diverse issues related to weather and climate.

After the foreword by Vicente Aupí, the author begins the book by explaining how human beings have always observed the skies and meteorological phenomena, trying to explain them until meteorology became science. The book also focuses on the history of the Earth, how the atmosphere was formed, and how some of the characteristics of our planet, such as the presence of liquid water, depend on meteorological processes.

The auroras are one of the phenomena that readers have asked us the most about; They attract a lot of attention because of how spectacular they are. The book dedicates a space to explain the polar auroras. The classification of hurricanes, the shape of snowflakes, the types of clouds and their formation, and even the meteorology of other planets (such as the huge storms that form in gas giants like Jupiter) are part of this complete work of divulgation.

Finally, José Miguel acknowledges that he wanted to include in the book a final chapter dedicated to the future of our planet: the different climatic changes that the Earth has suffered, and how human beings are precipitating one. What can we expect from the climate in the coming decades? Will destructive phenomena multiply, how will they affect populations?

Don’t miss this Reading Club with José Miguel Viñas. If you still haven’t read El tiempo. Everything you would like to know about meteorological phenomena (Shackleton Books) can be obtained in the purchase button.

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