If you like classic rude black boots with a cap and are a fan of heavy metal, you’re in luck: San Francisco-based thrash metal band Metallica has created a spectacular alliance with the Wolverine brand to launch a pair of beautifully designed boots. These are the Metallica Schollar 1000 Mile Axel and the Hellcat UltraSpring, which are already available in pre-sale.

In addition, the objective of this project is laudable: the sales generated from this product will go to the hands of the All Within My Hands (AWMH) organization, which helps finance scholarships for some exchange students in the United States. United that they need it.

The Metallica Schollar 1000 Mile Axel are inspired by the Wolverine 1000 Mile model, one of the brand’s classic products. These new creations will have some special additions like a guitar nib, laces with metal tips, and subtle references to the original logo of the band led by guitarist and singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. For its part, the UltraSpring are characterized by their lightness, despite being the classic worker-type boots. They also have certain details that recall the band.

And it was precisely Hetfield who announced the collaboration with the brand and highlighted the social project behind this alliance: “Wolverine shares the same mission we had when we started the Metallica Scholars Initiative – that it is important to create and sustain a strong and resilient workforce in U.S. AWMH is our way of giving back to people and building future generations. Most importantly, we are helping these students achieve their dreams and transform their lives through the workforce education programs offered at community colleges across the country.  »

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“We are committed to supporting the next generation of the North American workforce and for the last six years we have focused on closing skills gaps through the Project Bootstrap initiative. Tom Kennedy, global president of the brand said: « We think the best way to do that is to start with education, » said the Wolverine brand.

Colleges that would benefit from this social work and marketing exchange are the Grand Rapids Community, Lone Star College, and WSU. The scholarships awarded by the band are $ 100,000. Of course, the benefited students will also get their boots.

Metal and social work

All Within My Hands is a foundation owned by Metallica that has sought for some years to support people with limited resources or those with few possibilities to study so that they access better opportunities and improve their standard of living. In addition, through this same foundation, the members of Metallica have made important donations for the fight against covid-19 to various health centers.

And there is more: the foundation currently supports various institutions such as Feeding America, to support food banks throughout the United States; Crew Nation, Live Nation’s initiative to provide a small financial relief to members of touring and local teams; the United States Bartenders Guild Foundation, which benefits bar workers; and Direct Relief, which supports medical professionals and first responders across the United States.