In this era of forced confinement due to the Covid19, not everything is bad in this confinement since with free time I have been able to listen carefully again, records that came to me and that on a first listen, I did not pay too much attention to them or did not They attracted attention, as has happened with this “Animal” of the Logroñeses Messura.

Reviewing concerts on the Radio 3 podcast, I came across the concert of these “guys” and although I saw them live in the Sala Juglar last winter, they did not attract much attention for their numerous stops and the closing of the concert with the theme “Odyssey”, which although we will talk about it later (it is a great theme), did not seem to me at all, a closing song and even left me indifferent after the live performance.


The first thing that is observed is that it is a short disc, with 8 songs (almost 35 minutes). Afterwards, your attention is drawn to seeing its aesthetics, carefully neglected, more typical of Wolverine in the “gafapasta” style, after having gone through the explosion of a powder keg, adding the voice of a doll, accentuating the end of all the words for a best rhyme (example the theme “Animal”).

Although it may seem a criticism of their image, it is quite the opposite, since it gives them that personality that not all groups have and with the voice (incomprehensibly) the same thing happens, at first it is difficult to listen to it, but you realize that it is perfect for the type of music they make.

The album is a perfect game of various styles, from a powerful, direct control, with clearly soiled guitars that recall the sound of more psychedelic times, with lots of brushstrokes of Power Pop, mixed with clear “indies” arguments, all this hodgepodge of genres It is also agitated with harmonic taste of successful orchestral arrangements in cello and violins in a couple of songs. The lyrics are crude, philosophical and intimate, playing with political, sociocultural feelings and traces of heartbreak.

The album is opened by the song “Soma”, a good pop function to open an LP, catchy and happy, although it talks about the rawness of heartbreak. The next cut is a beautiful halftime like “Dichotomy”, another purely “pop” song although more intimate than the previous one, with successful orchestral arrangements on violin and cello strings. This is followed by “Animal”, the song that gives the album its name and a radical change from the previous pop to explore more rock sounds. “Virtue” is another halftime, elegant cut very “indie”. For the fifth cut comes the surprise of the album “Invertebrados” perhaps it is the single that any group is looking for, that catchy key of pure “Power-pop” that does not get out of your head, with which you close a concert and people follow chanting “invertebrates raise your hands”, while they burst merchandising. To lower the high a little, comes “Mal”, another half-time pop, crude and pessimistic. Almost closing the album you find the most powerful song “They Lie” dizzying song, with brushstrokes to Queens of the Stone Age in sound, with political lyrics and a pounding, powerful and catchy chorus. Very good combination. The last cut is “Odyssey” a great closing for the album, with the beginning of cello and violins, with studied guitar arpeggios that gradually open up space for the voice, until reaching the perfect conjunction of the final sound explosion, introducing more electricity and leaving you a magnificent dramatic and sensitive flavor.

Messura is a group to follow in the Indie / Rock environment, songs that come to life with each listen, to gradually bring out more nuances with those well-worked melodies with catchy choruses and although at first it may seem pessimistic work, it is a act of optimism towards criticism.

Messura – Animal


7.5 Final Note

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