Messi’s ‘last season’ at Barça

It’s written: Lionel Messi is playing his last matches with FC Barcelona this season. Former Blaugrana glory, Rivaldo is convinced of it.

Lionel Messi is tired, tired of the half-mast results of FC Barcelona, ​​tired of the controversies and in particular the most recent one, raised by a member of Antoine Griezmann’s entourage presenting him as “an emperor and a monarch”: “C ‘ is the regime of terror. Either you are with him or you are against him! “On his return from the Argentine selection this week, barely greeted by the Spanish tax authorities on the tarmac, La Pulga released a little sentence that says a lot:” I’m tired of always being the problem in this club, c is anything! “

Last summer, the brilliant playmaker almost gave up everything, but no club has shown itself able to buy back his final year of contract at Barça. The situation will certainly be different during the next offseason. Rivaldo, who defended the Catalan coat of arms between 1997 and 2002, is convinced of this. “I can not imagine the new management capable of convincing him to reverse his decision, especially as Barça does not have great resources to afford to keep him. And Messi will have better and very important offers from other teams, ”blows the Brazilian in the pages of Marca.

“Something very sad”

“Added to this is the fact that Barcelona are forced to make pay cuts, in addition to the fact that Messi already wanted to leave at the end of last season. If they win the Champions League or La Liga, or if Koeman is able to put together a team that plays football well enough, maybe that will invite Messi to reconsider his position, I only see that possibility. . But even with that, I insist, I’m afraid this will be his last season at Barcelona. And that’s something very sad, ”concludes the 1999 Golden Ball.

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