Messi is excited to return to the football field and be able to return to play with his teammates and compete against his opponents. In an interview with the Adidas website, the star did not fail to address the issue of COVID-19, as he sees the situation in sports and about work in the middle of the pandemic and with the health safety protocols to be followed.

Messi says players and teams will experience football in a different way (Photo: JOSEP LAGO / .)

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– We can’t think of what we left behind. We have to think about the future. On how to go back to the day-to-day training, see the teammates, play the first games. It will be strange at first, but I want to compete again.

Barça’s shirt 10 makes projections about how he believes that several athletes and clubs will return after this pandemic.

– When we get back, it will be like starting again. We will have time to prepare before the competition starts again and we will recover important players who were injured. Technically it will be the same season, but I believe that all teams and players will live differently.

The Argentine also commented on his work routine during the two months he had to train from home and without access to the club’s facilities.

– I try to work every day and do the exercises that pass us. But it has nothing to do with group training and, above all, not having the pace of the games is bad, but it is the new reality that we have to live with.

In addition, Messi also commented that playing without a crowd is not the way he would like it and that athletes should have to work harder on the mind and concentration during matches. The star may return to the field with Barcelona next June 14 against Mallorca.

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