Messi pays tribute to Maradona and provokes a conflict between Adidas and Nike

During the past week, one of the news that shook the whole world was the death of Maradona, a decline that generated all kinds of reactions and tributes for one of the footballers who is considered a legend worldwide. The truth is now, a tribute made by Messi has put Adidas and Nike in conflict, before the forgetfulness of the 10 of Barcelona on the commercial agreements.

In the match between Barcelona and Osasuna, when he scored a goal, Messi decided to take off the Catalan team’s shirt to wear the Newell’s Old Boys jersey, a shirt that Maradona used around 1993.

The revelation of the shirt was accompanied by a gesture to point to the sky, with which all the spectators understood the message: the goal scored was dedicated to Maradona and turned into a tribute to the Argentine star.

Although this act was applauded by the audiences, the truth is that now it could turn into an important conflict between Acidias and Nike, considering the commercial agreements that Barcelona has with the sports brand of the dove.

And it is that the shirt with which Messi paid homage to Maradona shows the logo of Adidas, Nike’s commercial rival that is the official sponsor of Barcelona.

Nike has an exclusive contract with the scarlet blue team, which specifies that its players cannot use other clothing brands while on the field or in front of the cameras.

With this in mind, the appearance of Yamaha, Adidas and Zanella at Messi’s tribute to Maradona would cause a major problem. In the case of the latter brand, the conflict would be associated with Rakuten, the main sponsor of the Barcelona jersey.

From the Argentine newspaper La Nación, Guillermo Ricaldoni, director of the sports marketing firm We Are Sports, indicated “he should not have done it, he should have covered the brands”, while indicating that this oversight could cost the Catalan squad as well as the own player, several thousand euros.

IN fact, from now on, the Spanish federation has already fined the club with 3,000 euros after arguing that the display of these trademarks is a violation of current regulations.

These fines would come at a bad time for Barcelona, ​​a squad that for many could be on the verge of bankruptcy.

According to information published by local Spanish media, what is now the home of Leonel Messi faces serious economic problems derived from the pandemic, which could lead it to declare bankruptcy next January.

According to the projections made by RAC 1, the blue team needs to make a salary cut of 190 million euros before this November 5. This represents 30 percent of the salary mass of the establishment, which in recent months has already received a significant reduction.

The aforementioned firm indicates that the debt levels reached 480 million euros and income fell by 160 million, which leaves the club in an obvious financial imbalance.

It is important to mention that, until now, there have been cuts in the earnings of the stars that make up the squad by up to 70 percent, while renewals such as Gerard Piqué were with a 50 percent decrease.

According to the club authorities, the pandemic hit the Barcelona business model in a significant way, whose income depends largely on marketing.

“The club depends on tourism and now, all that income has been lost. The situation is not very comfortable, we have to take on the ideas of the previous board to find a way to address the problems we are facing ”, explained the head of the new board of directors, Carles Tusquets.