Messi, only a second choice for PSG?

Paris Saint-Germain will only activate the Lionel Messi track if Kylian Mbappé refuses to extend, ensures Le Parisien.

This is one of the big questions that emerges after the superb victory of Paris Saint Germain on the lawn of Barcelona. Lionel messi, as immense as it is, is it worth that PSG sacrifice Kylian Mbappé to welcome him?

We recall the equation. Given the current situation, if the capital club wants to afford Messi, and his XXL salary, he will most certainly have to separate from Mbappé. But is it really a good idea? If we can understand the desire of Qatari leaders to afford one of the greatest players of his generation, a six-fold Golden Ball, is it really a good calculation to let Mbappé slip away?

The ball is in Mbappé’s court …

Beyond the Tuesday night match at Camp Nou, it should be remembered that Messi is 34 years old and that, although he remains a formidable player, he cannot embody a project for the future. Quite the opposite of a Mbappé who, at 22, deserves the investment. This is also why several clubs would be willing to put 200 million euros next summer to recruit him.

But the Parisian supporters can be reassured, the leaders of the club have clearly identified the crux of the problem. Because if PSG has been courting Messi for several weeks, “La Pulga” is only the second choice for the champions of France, according to the Parisian. The priority, since the extension of Neymar’s contract seems acquired, is now to have Mbappé resign in his turn.

To summarize, it is not the arrival of Messi that would push Mbappé towards the exit. It is the Frenchman’s desire to leave, if it materializes, which would encourage PSG to find him a (prestigious) replacement. The ball is therefore in Mbappé’s court. Not in Messi’s …

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