Close to returning to acting at Barcelona, Lionel Messi spoke about the football situation in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with Adidas, the Argentine star said he was surprised by the proportions taken by the disease and reflected on the suitability of the sport to the new needs.

Messi has returned to training with Barcelona (Photo: Disclosure / FCB)

Photo: Gazeta Esportiva

“There were people who said that there could be global pandemics and that they could happen from time to time. But the truth is, I could not imagine the tremendous impact it is having practically all over the world. It is not easy to live or work with such uncertainty. , much less in the face of such a different and exceptional situation, “said Barcelona’s number 10.

Regarding the return of football, Messi said: “We have to think about the future. How to go back to the day-to-day of training, see the teammates, play the first games. It will be strange at first, but I want to compete again.”

With the return of the Spanish Championship scheduled for the second week of June, the Argentine also spoke about his physical preparation, highlighting the lack of pace of play.

“Despite not playing two more games a week, I try to train every day and do the exercises that pass us by. Not having the pace of the games is a bad thing, but it is the new normality with which we have to live. That is why it is we need to prepare before competing again, “explained Messi.

Finally, the star spoke about the dispute of matches with closed gates. For Messi, it is understandable that the fans are not able to attend the stadiums at the moment.

“I already had to do this (acting without a crowd) at home and it was very strange. But it is normal that it happens after all that we are experiencing, it is perfectly understandable”, he concluded.

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