“Messi is respected”

Antoine Griezmann is not going through a good moment in his relationship with Leo Messi. The French footballer was rebuked by some Barcelona fans after training recriminating the comments of his relatives when they speak of the ’10’ Barcelona.

What the relationship between Griezmann and Messi is not the best is evidence. The Argentine attacker was not in favor of the arrival of Antoine after the previous summer had given Barcelona pumpkins with a documentary. Despite that, Macon’s man signed for Barcelona and from the first moment it was clear that Leo did not give the former Atlético much ball.

Despite Griezmann’s rally attempts on several occasions, there are other comments that have annoyed Leo Messi. More concretely, the most recent, from Antoine’s uncle in a report that they did to the 2018 world champion. In that space did not leave the Argentine well and that has bothered the Rosario a lot, who ended up exploding upon his arrival in Barcelona after the FIFA break.

On Thursday afternoon, Barcelona returned to exercise with the entire squad with a view to Saturday’s clash against Atlético de Madrid at the Metropolitano. At the end of the session some fans who came to the sports city decided to rebuke Griezmann as he left the premises in his vehicle with shouts of “Messi is respected.”