Messi is left without his contract at Manchester City

The Manchester City has made a substantial discount on the offer that he put on the table last summer to Leo Messi. The English team is still very interested in having the Argentine star, but it has taken into account and its new proposal is lower by almost 200 million euros. Out of about 700 million euros, the citizens are now willing to pay just 500 million euros (430 million pounds).

The decision of Leo Messi to continue one more year in the Barcelona It has made him lose about 200 million euros. That is the amount that the Manchester City Regarding the offer that was put on the table last August. The Etihad Stadium club is now willing to pay around 500 million euros, according to the British newspaper The Sun. This is quite a considerable cut, although the offer is still not negligible.

The reason why Manchester City has decided to reduce the price they were willing to pay for Leo Messi just six months ago it was because they consider that the current economic situation is not the same as then. In addition, another factor that has influenced such reduction is that they would now sign a more veteran player, with 34 years compared to the 33 with whom he would have arrived last summer.

According to the aforementioned information, the offer that Manchester City has prepared for Leo Messi It consists of those 700 million euros, a two-year contract in the English team, with the possibility of extending it for another twelve months. In addition, they continue to contemplate the possibility of a subsequent experience of two seasons abroad in one of the many franchises that the City Football Group has spread over four continents. This possibility could take him to play two years in the MLS, in the ranks of New York City or even in the United Arab Emirates.

The different options of Leo Messi for his future

The contract of Leo Messi ends next June 30. It will be then when you can leave Barcelona freely. In these months, the Rosario striker has to make a decision about his future, with several clubs interested in having him. The Manchester City is one of them, but also the Paris Saint Germain, team with which in recent weeks he has been associated the most.

The Barcelona Nor does he rule out trying to convince his star to continue. In fact, this will be the main task that the outgoing president tries to tackle in the next Barcelona presidential elections. At the moment, the azulgranas only have Messi’s commitment until the end of the season. A crucial stretch of the course that can be very long if they fail to turn the Champions League tie around.

The father and agent of Leo Messi, Jorge, He asked all the clubs that wanted to sign his son to make their offers last December. In this way they have several months ahead to make the most convenient decision for the Argentine star.