Messi can’t take it anymore and could force himself to leave in January

The future of Leo Messi he is moving further and further away from Barcelona. The star of the club is “tired of always being the problem of everything in the club”, to the point that could force your way into the winter market. All the controversies of the team end up splashing him, something that does not help his continuity at the club. To which must be added the instability of the club, which has not redirected the course despite the resignation of Bartomeu and his board. A situation that causes the player’s patience to be increasingly exceeded.

It was without a doubt the sports image of this Wednesday. The Argentine exploded on his way out of Barcelona airport after landing after playing with Argentina. Leo came out angry several agents appeared inside his private plane to request the documentation to the entire crew and to Leo Messi himself. «Above, after 15 hours of flight, I find myself at the Treasury. It’s crazy, ”said the player. That added to the question about the declarations of the discoverer of Griezmann made him explode.

After seeing how his departure from the Barça team was frustrated last summer, the Argentine has tried to recover the illusion within Koeman’s new project. With all the lights pointing more than normal, he has not managed to show a level at the height of his figure. Barça is having a hard time starting at this beginning of the course and the bulk of criticism falls on its star. Messi is apathetic, listless and his numbers so far this year are a true reflection of it.

His performance and that of the team are also added a series of factors that do not help to redirect the course. The new culé coach, Ronald Koeman, is not knowing how to put out the fires that are still active as far as the dressing room is concerned. Quite the opposite. The Dutchman is taking care to enliven them even more, with controversial words about Griezmann or Messi himself.

Also from the environment of the French they have taken the opportunity to charge against Messi. Taking advantage of the turbulence about the figure of the Argentine star, Griezmann’s former representative has declared that the Barcelona captain is “the regime of terror.”

And if that was not enough, the instability of the club does not help Messi to choose to continue. The entity is obliged to cut the salary bill drastically. If the proposal of the previous board led by Bartomeu did not sit well, the guidelines of the new management board of the club are clear: either there is a snip, or the club will enter bankruptcy. A reduction of which the Argentine would be the main affected, by going on to collect less than half of the almost 50 million net euros that he receives per season.

City and Inter pending Leo

His future is not clear at all and so much Manchester City and Inter Milan do not lose track of everything that concerns their situation in Barcelona. The two teams are the main candidates to take over his services once their contract with the Catalans expires. As of January 1, you are free to close your contract from June with any team, although it is not ruled out that this occurs before.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Messi donning another elastic mid-season. Reasons are not lacking for him to leave the Camp Nou before what is stated in your contract. Further, the main beneficiary in economic terms of his departure would be Barça, That you could take advantage of to negotiate your sale in the absence of six months before your relationship ends and you leave free. In addition, the club would save half of the player’s chip, which is close to 50 million euros gross.