Facebook Messenger is one of the most used tools during the pandemic to connect with your friends and family. There is no doubt that it has some capabilities that WhatsApp does not have, and that are part of the same group. But the difference between the two is clear and that is that one is directly integrated with Facebook and the other you only need to use your phone number. For this reason it is easier for them to contact you through Messenger, which will have a new feature to avoid scams.

More security in Messenger

It is not something you do not know that throughout the Internet you can come across users who want to scam you. Some of their practices are direct and they resort to emails to send you false information and that you fall for their phishing campaign. Others can contact you on social networks and that’s why Facebook has increased security on Messenger.

The firm has published an article on its blog about this new feature which informs users that the information passed by a contact is fraudulent. With this will help everyone to make Messenger a place without malware or spam. that they try to get hold of your data. In addition, as a user with a profile on the social network you will have the possibility of reporting that you have received an email and the person who sent it to you to inform the rest of the community.

Thinking of minors

All holders of an account on the menlo Park social network are not of legal age and some use it under the protection of a legal guardian or family member. These are the over 13s and they are a very credulous public even to manage an app of these characteristics. It is true that there is Messenger Kids, a more focused app for this audience, but those who use Messenger should know that the app already has special protection when they talk to adults who are not known.

With this in mind, Facebook has designed a tool to detect adults with inappropriate interactions with minors. This restricts access to some users so that the little ones can surf the social network calmly without fear of encountering people who try to abuse them.