If a message with a very long text and strange characters reaches your WhatsApp, do not open it

| 08/09/2020 | ionicons-v5-c12: 00 | Camacho Light |

MEXICO.- Users of WhatsApp they must be careful with the new messages of ‘lock code‘that are circulating and that can cause the application to crash and need to be reinstalled.

These messages malicious will send the application to a Infinite loop and they will force the user, either in iOS or Android, to remove and reinstall it. In some cases, this can result in the loss of an entire chat history.

These messages encoded, also known as « message bomb« , contain a seemingly random string of characters that will cause rendering problems and force the blocking of the application, according to WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in information related to the instant messaging app.

« A contact can send a message that contains a lot of strange characters. If you read them completely, they don’t make sense, but WhatsApp could interpret the message incorrectly, » the site reported.

« Sometimes, WhatsApp neither can it represent the message completely, because its structure is very strange: the combination of these characters creates a situation where WhatsApp can’t process the message, which determines an ‘Infinite Crash’ (blocking infinite) ».

« Infinite Crash » has been a loop error that prevents the app from being used. This means that even if you restart the phone, when you open WhatsApp the problem will persist and will crash again, rendering the messaging app completely unusable.

How to protect myself from this kind of messages?

To get started, open the app and go to the Settings menu. From there, look for the Privacy option and change the Groups settings so that only their contacts can add you to a group. This will limit an attacker from being able to add you to random groups and launch the message bomb in the group chat session.

And of course, the best recommendation is that they do not open chats or read messages unknown numbers or contacts.

I already received this message, what I do?

If you were already unlucky to have received this message, there is something you can do if you haven’t opened it on your mobile yet. Go to WhatsApp Web, where the message it is not effective, try to block the contact who sent it to you and delete the chat.

If this doesn’t work, the only thing you can prevent the app from freezing every time you open it is to delete it and reinstall it. The only downside is that if you don’t have a copy of your chats, your conversations, photos, videos, and other attached content will be lost.

A spokesperson for Facebook, the developer of WhatsApp, informed TechRadar that the instant messaging application already has a patch to avoid this problem and that it will begin to distribute it in the next version of iOS. However there is no news on WhatsApp for Android still but the spokesperson says to update to the next version as soon as it is available.