Mess with Ukraine jerseys

06/10/2021 at 10:21 PM CEST

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been present in the Eurocup and has forced UEFA to intervene and to rectify its initial decision to approve the design of the shirt that the Ukrainian team will use in the competition. The highest European football organization has asked the Ukrainian Federation to remove from its official kit one of the two nationalist slogans that appeared in it (‘Glory to the heroes’) because the combination of both (the other was’ Glory to Ukraine ‘) “Is clearly considered political in nature & rdquor ;.

UEFA has thus partially addressed the claim made by the Russian Federation, which had protested the use of these two nationalist slogans on the shirts of the Ukrainian team, as well as the image of the map of Ukraine with the appendix of the Crimean peninsula, whose annexation by Russia in 2014 has not been recognized internationally.


The Russian Federation wrote to UEFA by letter last Tuesday to make his protest reach, arguing that football should always stay out of politics.

“This specific combination of the two slogans is clearly considered political in nature, with a historical and militaristic meaning & rdquor ;, pointed out the UEFA press office, which curiously had previously given its approval to the design and use of these two slogans on the shirts of the Ukrainian team. The design had been officially unveiled last Sunday by the Ukrainian Federation in a video featuring its coach, Andrei Shevchenko, and his footballers.

UEFA urged the Ukrainian Federation to remove the slogan ‘Glory to Heroes’ of the jerseys for the Eurocup matches “according to article 5 of the regulations on equipment & rdquor;. Instead, he authorized the kit to display the slogan ‘Glory to Ukraine’ taking into account the fact that it can be considered a phrase” generic apolitical of a general national meaning & rdquor ;.

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