The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz AyusoShe has been staying in a hotel since the pandemic began. The mess comes not just for him price of the room, located in a privileged area of ​​Madrid, but also by who would pay for it. In addition, it has been added that the owner of the hotel chain, a well-known businessman, has been the winner of a contract by the Community of Madrid, which, after being made public, has been deleted.

The usual price is 200 euros a night, as it is a private suite belonging to the Room Mate hotel chain, owned by Kike Sarasola. However, after several media asked the Community of Madrid and received no response from them, the businessman issued a statement in which he assured that Ayuso would pay out of pocket for the cost of the room, which would now be 80 euros. Also, according to ‘’, it was not one apartment but two.

The hotel group in that statement also indicated that before starting the state of alarm it made this apartment available to the regional leader since it needed “a optimal place for crisis management during the exceptional situation. “Something that contradicts the explanations given by Ayuso, who assured at the time that he was staying there to be isolated after testing positive for coronavirus on March 16. The state of alarm began two days earlier, on the 14th. March, and the regional president continues to stay there two months later.

Room Mate also ensured that there was ceded hotels free of charge to the community and other institutions. However, the contract published on the website of the Community of Madrid contradicted that version. The same Ministry of Social Affairs published the “emergency for the start-up and operation of hotels as a space for residential use for the elderly” contract, which included an award to Room Mate for 565,749 euros for converting two hotels into residences.

This award had been approved on May 6 by the Governing Council. A contract that, hours after being made public and picked up in various media outlets, has disappeared from the web, being replaced by another with name and figures different from the original.