The merengue player Sergio Vargas valued as positive the proposal of the candidate for deputy for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), to turn Santo Domingo into the City of Merengue and he promised to promote it together with her and other colleagues.

Baldera states that upon arrival at Congress, he will promote this to happen, so that through music, gastronomy and crafts, tourists visit the city and not only reach the Colonial Zone.

The winner of the Great Sovereign 2018, assured that he welcomes this proposal by the journalist and former president of Acroarte, above all, because more than a monument to merengue, this initiative to proclaim Santo Domingo the City of Merengue, would help bring tourism to the city, something that does not happen today.

“It is a good proposal, I myself will help you to promote it as a merengue player that I am. It is surprising that as we are a city with so much history we do not take advantage of that, ”said the interpreter of Marola, who was sharing with the journalist and candidate for deputy for the PRD, some impressions through #emelynconlagente, an interview that all on Mondays through his Instagram account.

In the same way, the veteran merengue, who was a deputy for the PLD, took the opportunity to give some advice to Baldera, about this experience that he described as sweet and bitter, which he assured will never live again.

“We will work to make this proposal a reality. It cannot be that, having two rhythms declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the Dominican Republic, we cannot give it the value that that represents, and that we have one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean either. Let’s potentiate it ”, affirmed Emelyn Baldera, who now assumed the challenge of aspiring as a deputy to promote, among others, projects to benefit art and culture.

“I lost all my savings of more than 30 years when I was a deputy, I also lost my peace and my tranquility,” said the “Negrito de Villa Altagracia.”

The artist took the opportunity to answer some questions asked by the connected public. “I think we can change politics, learning to choose our representatives,” Vargas said about how we can have better representatives in politics.

In the same way, he made it clear that meringue is still a source of wealth, “it is the meringue man who is taking it who brought it.”

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