Mercedes was “desperate” to get it right

The Brackley-based team had come to Silverstone after a five-game winning streak at Red Bull that had allowed their main rival to extend the lead in both world championships.

He knew then that he was under pressure on a track that should better fit his package to turn Red Bull around and rebound firmly in the title fight.

After Lewis Hamilton scored a spectacular victory, despite a controversial accident with Max Verstappen, the team admitted they felt the pressure before the weekend about how significant it was going to be.

The track’s engineering director, Andrew Shovlin, said: “I think the most important thing for us was that we brought an upgrade kit to the car, we go to a circuit that historically has adapted very well to our car, without a doubt Lewis has done very well,” and the Lo What was pretty scary going in was that if we didn’t perform well here, we were going to have to take a good look at ourselves.

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“Aside from the championship situation and the points at stake, the need we had to make sure that the gap was not going to grow any further.”

“I think the most important one was that we were absolutely desperate to see how good the car is and how well the team is performing. So it is very comforting to have been able to show that we are still in the fight for the championship.”

Updating Mercedes It was quite extensive, with modifications to the wheel, bargeboard, and floor areas.

James Allison, chief technology officer, believed that the pace that helped Hamilton to be faster in the classification showed that the developments had worked.

“We brought a decent aerodynamic package to the track, we definitely saw an improvement in our performance and we are very happy with that,” he explained.

“You could see that just relative to the field that we had advanced this weekend, we were able to close some ground at Red Bull and as a result we were able to have a more competitive weekend.”

“So we came home from the weekend quite happy with the update. Is there anything else to come? There may be, here and there, but the major industrial major effort of our development program, that was the last big package that we will bring. this year.

“There will be some tweaks here and there where we can efficiently see that we can bring in some performance without distracting ourselves from the great effort that is now being put into next year’s car.”

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