Mercedes warns that they will be ‘faster’


The technical director of the team Mercedes, James Alisson, advanced that in the next races they will introduce novelties in their cars that will make them be “faster“and return to the load before the recent dominance of Red bull.

Last year the German team won 13 of the 17 grands prix and Lewis Hamilton clinched a seventh world title, but this season Red Bull has gone ahead with five victories, four of them signed by championship leader Max Verstappen who it has opened a gap of 18 points.

After this new defeat against Verstappen, Hamilton encouraged Mercedes to find some improvements to make it faster. The team manager, Toto wolff, had suggested that the focus is on the 2022 car, but Alisson has clarified that that does not rule out changes in the current model.

We have a number of things that will make our car faster in the next races. Hopefully they are enough. What Toto is pointing out is that next year’s rules are a big and complicated business and demand a great deal of our attention, “Alisson explained on the F1 Nation podcast.

In this sense, and despite the fact that “most of the focus” of Mercedes is on 2022, the engineer reiterated that they continue working with the present in mind. “More aerodynamic changes in sight, a little bit of PU (power unit) and a few other things that we hope we get a chance to fix, “he said.


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