Mercedes unveils new data on batteries and powers of the future EQS

A few days after its presentation, the German company has revealed new and interesting data about the mechanics and batteries that will make up the initial range of the new Mercedes EQS, including the name of the first versions that will hit the market.

The new Mercedes EQS is going to be the flagship model of the new electric EQ range of the German company. This will be presented in the middle of this month and its name will serve to name two very different models for the same segment, the Mercedes EQS Saloon and the Mercedes EQS SUV. Although the first to be presented is the sedan, which hits the market as the model with the lowest coefficient of aerodynamic penetration on the market.

Of the new Mercedes EQS we already knew some details, but the company has decided to publish new images of its final prototypes (still camouflaged) and some of the most important specifications of the new range, including power figures and the capacity of the batteries of the different versions that will be available at the beginning of their commercial life.

Inside we find the most spectacular dashboard on the market.

Some time ago the company revealed that the model will have a 108 kWh battery pack and just a few days ago it revealed that the approved autonomy figure of the versions that mount this pack will be 770 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, a figure considerably higher than previously estimated. Mercedes has reconfirmed this figure and has even revealed the capacity of the second battery pack that will be available for this range, 90 kWh.


The EQS offering will consist of either single-engine, rear-wheel drive or dual-engine, all-rear 4MATIC + versions. The rear drive train will always be more powerful than the front and the power range will be understood between 333 hp (245 kW) and 523 hp (385 kW), while the maximum torque figures will go from 568 Nm for the EQS 450+ to 855 Nm for the EQS 580 4MATIC +.

These two version denominations have been revealed by the brand itself, so we can count that will be available from the start of the commercialization of the model this year. Other details revealed by the company are the limited maximum speed of all versions, 210 km / h, and the confirmation of the arrival of a future more performance variant, which, like me, we anticipate exclusively from will wear the AMG emblems .