“Mercedes put on a show with the Verstappen / Hamilton crash”

Verstappen and Hamilton had their second major accident of the 2021 season last Sunday in Monza, when both met on the track after two stops in the pits that did not go as expected.

The Red Bull man was stopped for 11 seconds for his tire change, while the Mercedes pit stop took four seconds, leading to a match on the way to the first corner as Hamilton exited the pitlane.

They both walked the first part of the chicane together and then Verstappen He threw himself over the curbs in the second section, sending his car off the ground and into his championship rival’s car, rolling his right rear wheel over the helmet. Hamilton.

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The accident, described by Red Bull as “a racing incident”, led to the removal of the two at the scene and from Mercedes they accused Verstappen as guilty, which was ratified by the sports commissioners, who applied three penalties to him for the starting grid of the next Russian GP.

“What bothered me the most was our bad pit stop. That’s the only reason Hamilton got in the way of Verstappen,” he said Marko a Sport24 Auto.

“It was a normal racing accident, all the stories surrounding it are pulled out of nowhere by Mercedes. Verstappen had already pulled out when Hamilton tried to back out of the gravel. The medic car saw him and moved on. And then They put on a show that poor Hamilton gets injured all of a sudden and so on, “added the Austrian.

Despite being annoyed with the reaction of MercedesMarko was not concerned about the punishment Verstappen received: “I’m not upset about it, even if it was a racing accident.”

On the other hand, Marko was asked about Mercedes’ claim that they will not develop their W12 car further this season and was skeptical.

“I still do not believe a word of what they say,” he said before adding: “The five points that we have ahead mean nothing. It will continue to be exciting until the last race.”

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