In the last days worldwide, movements and campaigns against racism and discrimination are very active. To this is added the Mercedes-Benz AMG team, deciding that this F1 season that will start on Friday July 3 in Austria, their cars will run in black.

Through a statement, the German team maintains that it is proud of its culture and values, for that reason, it is totally inclusive. However, it also recognizes that only 3% of its personnel are part of ethnic minorities and 12% are women. For this reason they want to find talents from various areas of society, which they do not reach, so they will do everything in their power to make this positive action have its effect.

They also affirmed that by running with this new decoration in the car, they want to demonstrate against racism and all forms of discrimination. The message “End Racism” will be on the halo of the two pilots and the hashtag #WeRaceAsOne will be on the mirrors of the W11.

Toto Wolff, team principal and president of Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1, said: “Racism and discrimination have no place in our society, our sport or our team: this is a belief in Mercedes. But having the right beliefs just like that mindset is not enough if we remain silent. We want to use our voice and our global platform to defend respect and equality, and the ‘silver arrows’ will run black throughout the 2020 season to show our commitment to a greater diversity within our team and our sport.

We will not shy away from our weaknesses in this area, nor from the progress that we still have to make; decoration is our public commitment to take positive action. We intend to find and attract the best talent from the widest sectors, and to create credible pathways for them to reach our sport, to build a stronger and more diverse team in the future. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our parent company Mercedes-Benz and our family of sponsors who have supported and encouraged this initiative, “said the Austrian manager.

Committed to fighting racism and discrimination are our drivers, and even more so six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. Lewis recently announced the formation of the Hamilton Commission, a research partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering dedicated to exploring how motorsports can be used to engage more black youth with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to finally use them in our teams or in other engineering sectors. Lewis and Valtteri will compete in black overalls for the 2020 season, and both riders will also adapt their helmet designs.

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton, who has become a strong anti-racism activist, said: “It is so important that we take advantage of this moment and use it to educate ourselves if you are an individual, a brand or a company, to make significant changes when it comes to ensuring equality and inclusion. I have personally experienced racism in my life and seen my family and friends in the same situation, and I am speaking from the heart when I ask for a change. When I spoke to Toto about my hopes for what we could achieve As a team, I said it was so important that we stay together.

I would like to greatly thank Toto and the Mercedes Board for taking the time to really listen, speak and truly understand my experiences and passion, and for making this important statement that we are ready to change and improve as we want to build a legacy that goes further. beyond sport, and if we can be the leaders and we can start to build more diversity within our own sport, it will send such a strong message and give others the confidence to start a dialogue on how they can implement change, “said the Formula 1.