Mercedes is afraid of the end of the cycle

The Formula 1 wants to end the overwhelming dominance of Mercedes, who has held seven consecutive world championships for both drivers and constructors. That is why in 2022 will introduce a change in the regulations that is called to promote greater equality in the teams. Mercedes, who is afraid of the end of the cycle, does not want to marry anyone beyond 2021, not even with Lewis Hamilton.

Through a regulation change, Formula 1 ended Michael Schumacher’s reign with Ferrari. It was in 2005, when the same tire had to last a whole Grand Prix, something that Fernando Alonso took advantage of to proclaim himself, for the first time in his career, as world champion. For its part, the change of engines that was introduced in Formula 1 in 2014 was the one who ended Sebastian Vettel’s reign with Red Bull in favor of Mercedes.

It is precisely the change of regulation that will take place in 2022 that has encouraged Fernando Alonso to return to Formula 1 to their 39 years. “The car that is born well, leads the decade of that regulation. We saw it with Red Bull and with Mercedes. If you’re in those cars, you win four or five titles. In the past you won one and the next one was a coin toss ”, pointed out the Asturian pilot, who hopes to have succeeded by signing for Alpine. “I see the Renault project well because if not, I would not have gone with them. I know that next year they will have the same results as in the race next Sunday. The cars will be exactly the same, so I hope I can prepare a good project for 2022. Better to do it while driving, and within the team, than playing Play”, He added, justifying his return in 2021.

Also Pat Symonds, former director of engineering at Renault when Fernando Alonso won his two world championships, has seen this move favorably: “From what we have seen, Will Alonso be the first to find the keys to the cars that will participate in the 2022 World Championship?”. “I’m sure yes. I think Fernando will be able to quickly understand what will really matter in these cars, how to work with the engineers and how to get the most out of it. As well you will be one of the first to understand how 18-inch tires work. Ultimately, I think this restart at the end of 2021 will help a lot, “he commented.

Ferrari already looks to 2022

To get ahead of the rest of the teams, Ferrari has organized a three-day test in Jerez where both Carlos Sainz and Leclerc will help Pirelli develop the 18-inch tires that will be used from 2022. And, according to Mattia Binotto: “I believe that 2022 will be more important than 2021, as we are going to experience the first season of a technical change. The gap will be closed automatically that year, but the next will be more complicated. So I think 2022 will be a priority next year”.

While its rivals are already looking to 2022, Mercedes He cannot neglect 2021. Lewis Hamilton can continue to break records in Formula 1, with the consequent brand recognition that this will involve the German team, but Red Bull will not make it easy for him. In addition, they will have to solve problems with their power unit in the coming weeks, since as Hywel Thomas, Mercedes Engine Chief, recently admitted: “We have some problems with the power units. We know we have problems, but we have many plans to solve all those problems. I’m sure everything will be ready for the first race”.

Where it has taken into account Mercedes the regulation change that will take place in 2022 has been in the renewal of Hamilton. As Toto Wolff noted: “We agreed to make it one year first because 2022 will see a major regulatory change. As well we want to know how circumstances develop in the world and in the company”.

“There are many uncertainties that can affect the sport and the company. Daimler is in a great transformation towards electric mobility that requires investmentsIt is a very different financial environment from years ago ”, added the CEO of Mercedes.