Mercedes EQT, high-end based on the smallest van

Prototype of the new T-Class


Updated on Monday, 10 May 2021 – 13:02

The EQT prototype anticipates the new T-Class to be launched in 2022 and is a kind of V-Class in a smaller format.

Mercedes EQS The luxury of the 21st century V-Class More dynamic, safer and more premium

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an EQT concept that brings luxury and eco-friendliness to a smaller van than the V-Class for the first time. The EQT is the prototype of the next T-ClassIt has a premium approach and will hit the market next year, although for electric it will have to wait until 2023.

His line draws attention in a powerful way, with undulating shapes, with marked shoulders and a frontal of undeniable appeal. Its huge front grill (exclusive to the electric version) is dotted with multitude of small illuminated stars, the ‘eyes’ are led optics whose shape anticipates the ‘daytime signature’ that we will see in the next Mercedes and underneath all of this we find a long luminous profile.

The huge 21 “wheels, protected by prominent wheel arches, are also sown with countless stars but we must bear in mind that these are wheels with a central screw (as in competition models) and therefore the model offered will be different. And between both axes we find some rear sliding doors with retractable handles and of enormous size, promise that the definitive version will offer a comfortable access to its interior.

Mercedes EQT, high-end based on the van m

There are also some silver stripes that denote a certain playful philosophy, and on the back we discover some vertical double line optics joined from side to side by a luminous profile.

The set is completed by a panoramic sunroof again with an infinity of small stars engraved and with a curious bottle shape– Wide at the front, but narrow as it extends to the rear of the EQT.

Thanks to its long wheelbase, the EQT offers seven seater, with a second row made up of three independent seats that can be folded down or slid longitudinally and which can fit three child seats. The two rear seats can be folded or removed, and behind them the designers have allowed themselves the license to incorporate a electric scooter under the loading plane, in the space where a street version will hide the cables for loading.

Mercedes EQT, high-end based on the van m

They have also anchored to the third row seatbacks a helmet and a case in which to store the protections (knee pads, elbow pads …) to skate, but as is logical none of this will appear in the final model.

The dashboard is not particularly avant-garde and it is striking that in a model that will hit the market in 2023 the watch box be analog. And the idea is that in the definitive model this is maintained, because in fact those responsible for this creation speak that we are facing a model very close to the one that will be manufactured in series.

Also the infotainment screen gives the feeling of being rather small, so we can anticipate that the command post does not add anything special in terms of avant-garde design. There are touch control buttons, a elegant ambient lighting and practical details that are so appreciated on board, such as a compartment for storing small objects above the instrument panel.

Mercedes EQT, high-end based on the van m

As for the aforementioned infotainment system, it has voice assistant that responds to the “Hey Mercedes” command, provides real-time traffic information, receives online updates, and has learning capacity thanks to ‘artificial intelligence’, so we assimilate our routines.

And it also serves as a monitor in which to check everything related to the tcharging time, energy flows, consumption history, charging stations, route planning optimized according to the percentage of battery we have, etc.

The engine is perhaps the least relevant when we talk about a new vehicle concept within a brand. In fact, in the signature of the star they have not given any of their figures because they are still considering it very early. But we do know that engines Diesel and gasoline of the T-Class will have powers of up to 130 hp and that this electrical version, If it exceeds this power, I will do it for little. So don’t expect the acceleration of the future electric T-Class to take your breath away.

Mercedes EQT, high-end based on the van m

Nor do we know anything about its autonomy or the battery itself, except that it is located under the two rows of rear seats.

With the most luxurious versions of the T-Class, Mercedes aims to attract “families and private customers, whatever their age, who enjoy leisure activities and need a lot of space and maximum versatility without sacrificing comfort and style “, he says Marcus Breitschwerdt, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Vans. Of course, due to the beauty of the design of their body, they already have a lot of ground gained.

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