Basketball basketball superstar Michael Jordan is also a huge fan of cars and custom number plates.

Michael Jordan, the star of the NBA not only is he passionate about the sport of basketball, as it could be seen in the television series “The last dance“, Which talks about Michael’s life and his time in the world of sports, is also without a doubt a great fan of cars, especially, to sports cars.

Jordan’s list of cars is extensive, and an example of how spectacular it can be can be seen in the Porsche 993 Turbo red with the registration ‘Air’, which appears in chapter nine of the mentioned series.

However, it is not the only Porsche that the basketball player had on his list of cars, since there are also models of the German brand such as the Porsche 930, 964, 993 and a Porsche 930 Turbo Cabrio Slant Nose.

Porsche 930.
Credit: PxHere.

As a good American, Michael Jordan is also a fan of CorvetteBecause before becoming the world icon of Nike, he signed some agreements with local Chevrolet dealers, from which it was common to see him on board different generations of the legendary Detroit sports car. One of them, a C4 also with the personalized license plate as ‘Jump 23’. In the series he also appears driving a C4 ZR1 40th anniversary and a C5.

Corvette C4 ZR1 40th Anniversary.

A brand that could not miss on the star list is Ferrari, and in the first chapters of the series, Michael can be seen in a 550 Maranello, the car that inspired the design of the Nike Air Jordan XIV. But another of the famous Ferrari supercars that he adds to the list, is a 512 TR black with plate M-AIR.J and, later, a 599 GTB Fiorano.

Ferrari 512 TR.
Credit: Courtesy Ferrari.

Another of the luxury brands that could not miss on the list of the now businessman is Mercedes Benz. Models like him 600 SEL, CL 65 or a SL 55 AMG, Are part of the collection.

Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG.
Credit: Pixabay.

With the stature of a basketball player like Michael Jordan, an SUV could not be missing, and Jordan appears driving some of his various Range rover. However, and according to the Marca Claro portal, other famous cars that do not appear in the series were the Aston Martin DB7 and DB9, Cadillac XLR or the Mercedes SLR 722.


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