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Updated Friday, July 9, 2021 – 17:43

The range adheres to light hybridization with a 24v electric motor that enables formidable fuel savings. Performance and comfort on the road are assured.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class enters its fifth generation with force EQS The luxury of the 21st century S-Class The most advanced saloon

When you get into a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class expect remarkable behavior, traditional of the most sold saloon by the brand of the star. Comfort, performance … An example that it does not usually disappoint. And it does not in its fifth generation.

But there is something else in this AMG Line (the other is the Advantage) Premium Plus finisher that we got on today in an hour and a half contact, because this unit belongs to the family of new micro-hybrid systems with a 48-volt electric motor added to the range. And that’s why this C 220 d diesel with 200 horsepower has the sticker ECHO of the DGT awarded. And for that, it is especially reseable a consumption of just over 5 liters per 100 kilometers.

In autumn the versions that accentuate the electrification will be presented, with the PHEV which are already in the assembly room of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen. Promise 100 kilometers of electric autonomy and therefore a label ZERO to enter the low-emission zones of large cities at will.

Let’s start at the beginning, which is the image. What decides in a very high percentage the purchase of a vehicle. The drawing is classic, the same as always, but with very slight renewed aspects. The new C-Class have grown in almost everything: are longer than the previous generation (+6.5 cm the saloon, +4.9 the estate estate); wider (1 cm in both finishes) and … nine or seven millimeters, respectively, lower. This last detail might not stand out, but it does, and thus the two types of bodywork adopt that more ‘cupeiform’ physiognomy It is seen in almost all new vehicles on the market.

Growth is more noticeable indoors thanks to the wheelbase has increased considerably: two and a half centimeters more to get two centimeters more of knee clearance for second row traveler, 1.3 cm wider at shoulder height for these passengers, who will also see the distance between their heads and the roof increased in relation to the previous saloon and family. The gap that opens with the rear doors is a bit fair.

The trunk of 455 liters of volume is identical in the saloon and 13 liters greater in the case of the Estate. They remain unimpressive, but they deliver what most of the clientele can demand.

The width and comfort of the front seats has also stood out compared to the previous generation of the model, but already positions in front of the dashboard the evolution is much more appreciable. The aeronautical inspiration of the design and the standard displays (12.3 “for instruments, 11.9” for central) ‘upgrade’ to the S-Class in many of the sensations of comfort and connectivity with the latest generation MBUS system.

The C-Class offers an Energezing Comfort package that integrates ultra-comfortable seats with inflatable supports on the sides that adapt to your body, as well as the backrest with lumbar support, provided with air chambers and a small motor that allows the massage function. The premium package adds a soothing 64-color fiber optic ambient light.

Another novelty of the fifth generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the Led Highperformance technology that comes on all standard models for front lighting. As an option, included in the Premium package and higher, will be the system Digital Light, with a projection on the road in almost 600 meters.

We started this model so well armed with all the Premium Plus options loaded and we give ourselves the pleasure of driving on short roads with the panoramic roof closed (because of the midday heat).

The small electric motor does not move the car, but supports him in starts and in moments of necessary help with his 20 horses.

The manageability of display options, slightly tilted towards the driver, the buttons and the information that emerges from them (and from the head up display projected onto the windscreen included in the Premium Plus package) is clear, very easy access for me.

The comfort of the seats, in a bright red in this case and adjustable in all dimensions, is very successful. Y the sound of the diesel does not disturb the music classic playing from the Burmester sound system speakers. Which means that the insulation from the outside is remarkable. The tires spin on their 18-inch rim without any complaints reaching us.

All these comfort factors are combined with a twisty road behavior more than acceptable, although 100% of the car is enjoyed on a good road at the maximum speed allowed (if you step hard it reaches 250 km / h). Behavior in fast cornering areas with Sport mode brings you closer to the sportiest sensations. The nine-speed automatic gearbox runs smoothly, in the complete absence of jumps.

Makes you want to travel far And when you arrive at your destination, you can see that, without bragging about energy savings, the diesel fuel consumed does not exceed 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. This means that with a full tank (66 liters) We could travel about 1,200 kilometers without resposting.

In any case, the movements of a 4.75 meter body are very low thanks to the suspension, firm without excesses. And to sharpen the road virtues of the C-Class, Mercedes-Benz has equipped it with a steering on the rear axle which is optional and charges this unit. Rear axle rotates up to 2.5 degrees and yet a shorter turning diameter is achieved, of 10.64 meters instead of the 11.07 of the previous ones.

The recommended prices of these Mercedes-Benz C-Class ranges from 45,400 euros for the C 180 gasoline saloon to the € 62,450 for the C 300 d Estate. The C 220 d test saloon with its Premium Plus package will be around 55,500 euros.

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