Mercedes-Benz registers the EQG designation. Do you know for which model?

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Daimler AG is one of the strongest manufacturers betting on electrification. Carrying out this task is being very expensive for them, but the result compared to their main rivals is very positive. To this must be added that the state of maturity of its technology has allowed it to increase the rate of launches. Especially from the new EQ family, which in a matter of a few months should have a much wider range.

As far as we have learned, Daimler AG is carrying out maneuvers to protect new trade names. This has been possible thanks to the documentation you have submitted to the European Union Patent and Trademark Office. You don’t have to be a lynx to know that Mercedes-Benz will be the one to defend them and that it will be associated with a new electric TT. But be careful, it will be the reinvention of a myth. Do you know what it is?

Mercedes-Benz will associate the EQG name with the electric version of the G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 40th anniversary

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 40th anniversary

Indeed, It is the unrepeatable Mercedes-Benz G-Class. If there is a mythical model in the Stuttgart house, it is this all-terrain vehicle, one of the most luxurious and capable in the world. And you will ask yourself, how will they make their transition towards total electrification? Well, very easy and simple. According to the documentation to which we have had access, the legal team of Daimler AG has requested the registration of three names: EQG, EQG 560 and EQG 580.

Therefore, as has happened with the GLA, GLC or Key V, the G-Class will have its own battery-powered version. And so far we can read, as Mercedes-Benz has not offered more details of the technical development of this model. However, the CEO of Daimler AG made statements last year 2019 that now make perfect sense. According to Ola Källenius, the legend will grow and become electrified, assuming that the life of the G-Class is assured.

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According to the description of the patents, the EQG name is reserved for motor vehicles and their parts. In addition, it specifies that it is assigned for an electric vehicle. However, we still have to wait for its resolution, since the status of both applications is under review. We will also have to wait a little longer for the German brand to explain what platform it will use and what the total capacity of its powertrain will be.

Be that as it may, the Mercedes-Benz EQG should maintain its premium status. To be a benchmark in areas such as technology and extreme luxury combined with off-road qualities beyond any doubt. Did you doubt it…?

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