Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen revolutionizes the digital age

In 2018 Mercedes-Benz presented its Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment system, better known as MBUX, at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), an advanced technological package that by 2021 will reach an unimaginable level with the Hyperscreen, a huge display of 1.41 meters long that will debut on the new Mercedes EQ flagships, the EQS electric family, which will be launched later this year.

This system will be integrated into a single piece that will completely cover the dash of the car, integrating two air vents on the edges as the only analog element in this piece.

The Hyperscreen is divided into three areas of interaction, including the instrument panel, a large central screen and a secondary screen in the passenger area, so that the passenger can also interact with the system and the assistant.

This element will have an update of the MBUX artificial intelligence software, which with the passage of days will learn the tastes and customs of the driver, being able to predict the temperature of the air conditioning or the music that we enjoy at different times of the day.

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