Mercedes benz cle would replace ce-class convertible coupe

For some time Mercedes-Benz has been talking about simplifying its vehicle portfolio and more at a time when the arrival of the electric EQ will only enlarge it even more. One of the plans in this direction, as reported by Auto Express, would be replace future C-Class and E-Class on their coupe and convertible bodies with a single model which would be called CLE.

Scheduled to hit the market sometime in 2023, the future Mercedes-Benz CLE would use the same MRA-2 platform as the new C-Class and S-Class, thus would mainly use the same four-cylinder engines that were already known in the C. In any case, it is not ruled out that the top versions receive the six-cylinder turbo with assistance from a 48-volt system of the S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz CLE, render Auto Express

Although this segment is not the one with the largest volume, Mercedes says that it is important for the brand to have participation. Marcus Schafer, director of research and development said that “we want to focus on these models. They have their niche and purpose. That is why we are going to adapt the ideal vehicle for this segment. There is more to come for coupes and convertibles in this segment but it will take a little longer before we can talk about it. “

Mercedes-Benz CLE, Auto Express 01 spy photo

Mercedes-Benz CLE, Auto Express spy photo

Based on some spy images of what would be a test prototype of the CLE, Auto Express made some renderings that advance what could be the final design of this new model that would be presented first as a convertible, with a soft top, and later as a coupe. Its features would take familiar lines to the C and E but ultimately it would have its own design that would differentiate it from these references.

As the Mercedes-Benz CLE materializes, This year the new generation of the SL will be presented, which will be mounted on a new platform developed by AMG. The idea is that it lives up to the initials of its name that mean light sports, something has not exactly been fulfilled because in reality it has been more of a grand tourer.

Mercedes-Benz CLE, Auto Express 02 spy photo

Mercedes-Benz CLE, Auto Express spy photo

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