Hamilton: “I was not as comfortable as I would have liked”

Bottas: “The differences are quite small with Racing Point and Red Bull”

Mercedes has opened its first home GP with good feelings. With a car that has been confirmed as the fastest, only Red Bull could hope to snatch a few points from them. Despite this, its performance at such high temperatures has been somewhat lower than that shown in colder track conditions.

Lewis Hamilton (2nd / 5th):

“It has been quite a difficult day to be honest. The balance of the car has not been too good and the wind has made things really complicated out there. So we are going to work on it tonight and try to figure out why I have not been so comfortable as I would have liked. It has been a difficult day, but it is not a disaster and what is great about this team is that we continue to dive into details. I hope we make some good changes tonight. It will be colder tomorrow and Red Bull and Racing Point looks strong, so I hope everything is going to be tight. ”

Valtteri Bottas (6th / 3rd):

“The car makes me feel good out there. The first session was a bit more complicated in terms of balance, but the feeling was not too bad during the second session. But the differences are quite small with Racing Point and Red Bull, They seem strong. So obviously we have work to do. We are usually able to take good steps forward for qualifying, so I am optimistic about the progress we can make overnight. ”

“Conditions are going to be completely different the rest of the weekend with lower track temperatures and changes in the direction of the wind. That normally has a great effect on this track and the key will be who can react to those changes faster. We will work tonight and see how much performance we can get from the car and I hope it will be enough. ”

Andrew Shovlin, director of track engineering:

“You never know how others are on Friday in terms of gas and power, but it seems that we don’t have the same advantage that we had in Budapest. Red Bull in particular is close in a long run. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the car and it’s the same aerodynamic package, so we’ll probably conclude that we haven’t adapted to the heat like others have. ”

“Valtteri seems happier with the car than Lewis, but they both feel like the tires are overheating and that makes the car somewhat unstable at times with both low and high fuel. It is a balancing act in terms of how you respond because we expect colder tomorrow and we need to be careful not to overreact. The car is competitive when we are in the right window and we have time tonight and another session tomorrow to work on how to do it. I hope we can finish tomorrow a little higher in the Timetable”.

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