Hamilton: “I accept the penalty, I will try to learn from it”

Bottas: “I have no doubt that Mercedes can solve reliability problems”

Mercedes starred in a brace in every session of the weekend, and despite Valtteri Bottas winning at Spielberg leading all race laps, a touch by Lewis Hamilton with Alex Albon deprived the world champion of the podium by a post-race sanction. The Germans lead both World Cups, again, to start 2020.

Lewis Hamilton (4th):

“The team did a really great job and so did Valtteri. I drove hard in the race, I did my best, but it was one of those weekends. There are many ways I can improve.”

“I didn’t do a great job in qualifying yesterday and it’s just me to blame, then this morning it was weird to be called just before the race and I just tried to duck my head and drive hard. The situation with Alex seemed like a race incident to me The penalty made him lose the podium, but that’s the way it is. ”

“The car was going great, although reliability was a real problem for us today, but at least we finished, so we welcome these points. Obviously we have lost a possible double, but I will try to recover that in the next races. It definitely was not a good weekend for me, but it could be worse. I accept the penalty, I will try to learn from it and be better for the next one. ”

Valtteri Bottas (1st):

“Winning a Formula 1 race is never easy, but today was a particular challenge. A lot of things happened in the race and it would have been quite easy to make a small mistake and lose everything. When the safety car came out the last time, I thought ‘ Let’s go again?’”.

“I guess it was my chance to really master the highlights here. When you’re in first position, you want the race to be consistent and smooth, but today it was about dodging bullets, although things were never out of control.”

“I was able to build a big margin in the first stint and take care of the car and tires to make sure we were sticking to the planned strategy. In the second stint, there was more pressure, especially after all the safety cars. We faced some reliability issues during the race, which put a lot of pressure on us, but luckily we got to the end with both cars. ”

“I think we have shown that we have a good package. We need to get rid of the reliability issues, but I have no doubt that our team can fix them. I look forward to another race here next weekend.”

Toto Wolff, team leader:

“It was a great race for the fans. Congratulations to Valtteri for the victory. It was not a good day for Lewis, who had a bad luck with both penalties. The penalty on the grid is something that must be accepted, but the five seconds was too hard for me. We have reviewed the video and Lewis is turning to the maximum in the curve, the sanction is not justified, although I understand that it is a complex decision “.

“Today we had several challenges with the gearboxes. The situation was very serious and we saw the problems first in Valtteri’s car and then in Lewis’s, and it was something that could leave us out of the race at any time, and it was something related to vibrations from going on top of the pianos, so we had to take great care of the cars. ”

“Both drivers showed a lot of pace and have been very on par this weekend despite reliability giving us headaches. We must work hard to improve the situation for next week, but we already have some ideas of what do”.

Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes engineering manager:

“Well done to Valtteri and the team, he has driven very well all weekend and he deserves the win. The race itself was quite tough. We had to deal with some issues throughout the weekend that were causing a problem electric in several systems and mid-race, we saw signs of the problem in Valtteri’s car and later, something similar in Lewis’s. ”

“For much of the race we focused on getting both cars to the finish, so we tried to keep both of them away from the pianos and not overload the power unit. The first stint was pretty easy.”

“The plan with Valtteri was to build a gap with Max and Lewis had to climb positions on the grid. Alex was not making it easy for Lewis and we feel that Lewis gave him enough room to stay on track, more than he gave to Lewis at the start, so it was pretty disappointing to get that sanction, but sometimes things don’t go your way. ”

“The moment the safety car came out was not ideal either, we could have pitted both cars, but we did not want to end up having to overtake due to the concerns caused by the vibrations, so it was a risk assessment, but what We will review before Sunday. ”

“We could also have done a better job in the end to keep Lewis on the podium, but when Valtteri slowed down by the yellow flag on lap 69, he left Lewis in a sandwich. Overall, what’s important is that we have a car that is very fast, but right now too fragile. ”

“We don’t have much time to fix the issues and since the track won’t change, it’s safe to bet they won’t go away. We will work hard in the next few days to solve these issues and look forward to racing here again in a week. On a positive note For fans, the second race is unlikely to be a copy-and-paste of the first! ”

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