Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé, total style

The third car developed entirely by Mercedes-AMG has been the protagonist of an unrivaled success story from the outset. The AMG GT Coupé 4-door has opened the brand up to new user groups and has contributed to making it more attractive to many potential customers.

This model combines the maximum driving dynamics of the AMG GT sports car with greater versatility for everyday use thanks to four doors and space for up to five passengers in the cabin. The sophisticated air-sprung powertrain, active rear axle steering, fully variable all-wheel drive, and modern overall design have excited customers around the world. On the other hand, as the record holder with the best time ever recorded on the historic Nürburgring circuit, it leaves no doubt that its technology and optimized components are at the highest level available, making it a benchmark in the segment.

This series has also raised the bar when it comes to interior design. For example, with the precise and high-quality configuration of all surfaces and all components, the innovative control elements with integrated display, the buttons on the steering wheel and the numerous configurations of seats and equipment.

From the outset, this range has offered an impressive range and diversity of customization options, from three rear seat configurations, the equipment package offering to AMG-specific individual options. Now other attractive possibilities are added. The design of the versions with the six-cylinder engine remains unchanged, although there is the possibility of optionally adapting the front view, adopting the specific appearance of the eight-cylinder models.

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