Mercadona perfects the formula of this cream with dragon’s blood

The Mercadona supermarket chain continues to renew its wide range of products, as well as updating those that are among its star items. This is the case of an anti-aging cream that is highly demanded among its customers and that draws attention for one of its ingredients: Dragon blood.

As reported by Economía Digital, the Valencian chain has perfected the formula of this cosmetic, from the firm Beauté Mediterranea, and has changed the appearance of its packaging by making visible the Deliplus brand and the Antiox label, present in those anti-aging products.

Contrary to what the name may sound like, Dragon Blood is actually a red resin which is extracted from the tropical plant Croton lechleri, native to South America. This ingredient, used in the traditional medicine of various cultures, has antioxidant properties.

Specifically, the cream sold by Mercadona contains 4% dragon blood and is sold in a 50 ml jar, which costs 5 euros.

Image of the antioxidant and regenerating facial cream Dragon’s blood, by Beauté Mediterranea, for sale in Mercadona.

As explained in the product instructions, this facial cream has been formulated “with a powerful antioxidant and regenerating extract obtained from the red sap of the Croton lechleri ​​tree (Dragon’s blood or Dragon’s blood) native to the Amazon “.

Applying it twice daily, this cosmetic “helps to protect the skin from free radicals by delaying the signs of skin aging” by leaving the skin “with greater softness and elasticity”.