Mercadona is selling a product again after four years of pleading: “Thank you for giving it back to us”

A Mercadona supermarket in Madrid. (Photo: .)

Mercadona has given great joy to many customers who had been begging the Valencian giant for years for the return of a product that it had recalled: the frozen lemon cake, the Contessa type, of the Hacendado brand.

The article returned to the shelves of Mercadona supermarkets a few weeks ago and caused a great deal of excitement among customers, many of whom had already lost hope of finding it again.

That has caused curious anecdotes on Twitter. For example, a user has now rescued the message that she sent to the company in May 2017, asking why they did not sell the frozen cake and wanting to know if there would be any possibility that it would return.

“I and my family loved it. It is fresh, digestive and very tasty. We bought it at Mercadona in the province of Almería ”, he argued. But he was met with confirmation from the company that they were no longer marketing it.

That same client has celebrated that, at last, and four years later, the product has returned:

These are some of the reactions that the return of the cake has caused and some of the requests from clients during these years:

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