Everything that surrounds Mercadona generates great expectation and even a small comment on social networks can become a trend.

Each news item about Mercadona is followed with an intensity that its most direct competition would like.. New products, comments, changes in sections and schedules … Everything is interesting for the customer who makes his purchase on a regular basis in an establishment of the chain.

On this occasion the news has come from a client who made a discovery that … well, for many it is not. She simply posted on her Instagram stories that she had found a Mercadona with two floors, something that seemed to surprise him and that has caused a stir on the internet.

In response to their publication came multitude of tweets that shared their amazement before a Mercadona with two floors, and others who claimed to have one like that close to home.

The fact is that this comment that has gone viral on Twitter It is more than curious, since there are numerous Mercadona supermarkets with two floors and for many years. Although it is also true that it is not usual.

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Like any trend on Twitter, it has also given so that there polls, debate, experiences and, of course, insults. But beyond all opinion are the facts and the normal thing is that there are those who have not seen these two-story Mercadona, and others have encountered them every week when making the purchase.

In any case, with the new supermarkets that Joan Roig’s company is building, it is possible that in the near future we will see more establishments of different types. We wait until there is one of three floors to see the debate that is generated about.